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Driving change: a means or an end?

For our Supply Chain consultants the path of change is an integral part of all consulting projects and they prepare for it from the outset.

Expectation and resolution of possible resistance not only allows mitigation of possible negative effects on the success of a project, but it also ensures the good health of a company longterm. If a company manages change well it has extra energy available to dedicate to its principle mission – that of serving its clients and shareholders.

Driving change – key stages for successful change

    • Demystify change by describing and explaining it.
    • Wherever possible, keep those on the ground involved in a project so as to facilitate approval.
    • Instigate a judicious social dialogue with personnel’s authorized representatives.
    • Encourage and express tests and pilots in a way that disarms the opposition and promotes the effects of training.
    • Ensure that the company retains individual-performance facilitators.
    • Accompany the main players collectively or individually.
    • Maintain a liaison officer until the end of a project.