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Audit = position discrepancy between baseline and reality

A Supply Chain functions from numerous procedures. A “procedure” is a coming together of transforming activities – both input and output. To audit a Supply Chain is to compare current procedural rules to actual reality.

Operational reality presumes that, in order to better respond to the requirements of events, the application of rules automatically takes into account divergences. But divergences can often call into question the rules themselves.

Structure of procedures

An audit enables us to ensure: good procedural structure, the existence of management rules, identify dysfunctional elements (divergence between rules and application) and to suggest possible improvements.

An audit’s added value

Our Supply Chain audits of procedures and/or Supply Chain components (warehouse audit, planning audit, workshop audit …) put at our clients disposal:

  • Our ability to methodically structure what already exists.
  • Our analytical skills: identifying dysfunctional elements and points to improve.
  • Our specialist best-practices experts.
  • Our capacity to formulate a new vision.
  • Our ability to put into practice our recommendations.

Our capacity to support our clients in driving change in the field.