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Optimization: the best theoretical solution possible

In decision situations where there are numerous potential solutions, optimization tools are a boon. Optimization is at the core of a well-proven procedure – it leads us from your current situation towards the target solution. We also use mathematical optimization whenever it helps to clarify decisions.

Optimization in the service of Logistics Master Plans

In the framework of our Logistics Master Plan, we adopt a methodology for the conception of logistics networks:

  • Our Supply Chain consultants remodel your existing logistics network in line with envisaged developments.
  • They define precisely all the existing and future intersections of your networks: suppliers, factories, logistics platforms for stock or cross-dock, distributors and end clients.
  • They formalize all your logistics and transport costs so that they are closer to invoiced reality.
  • Since your products and clients can’t be summed up by a one-off flux in demand, together with you, they establish a refined segmentation of demand according to targeted levels of client service.
  • They analyse the most pertinent Routes to Market (RtM) by logistics-family groupings.

They create models based on possible changes: creation of a new warehouse, relocation of a production site, transfer of product groups etc.

Dedicated optimization tools

In order to support you throughout your projects, our Supply Chain and Logistics consultants implement extremely useful decision-making tools, for example: we created a Transport Plan optimization tool as part of a project for the construction of a plant for GNL in Siberia from modules built in South East Asia. For this project there were numerous operational constraints relating to the management of transport, the precise positioning of modules on ships and scheduling of construction.

Our optimization module was successfully used by daily our client throughout the construction of the plant in Siberia.

Customization of our modules

When our Supply Chain and Logistics consultants carry out an optimization project, they systematically construct a module specifically for your problems. To better serve your needs, they use modellers and solution resources that can interface successfully with your data, so permitting the best possible return on solutions. Out of concern for client costs, wherever possible Newton.Vaureal Consulting consultants favour the use of open-source solutions to model and solve your problems.