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Simulation: a key stage in many of our projects

In Supply Chain, the manner in which elements are combined often lies at the crux of a problem. Simulation is an indispensible resource in managing this obstacle.

Simulation via several evolving scenarios, aims to accurately quantify the dynamics of a process and/or system in their precise configuration.

The Simulation stage is complementary to that of Optimization since it allows for detailed analysis of the impacts of a solution.

Simulation: field of application

We carry out our simulation models in all areas of Logistics and Production Management and even beyond. For example, if you foresee a mid-term increase in demand from your clients – we measure its potential impact on your production line and logistics, we determine potential bottlenecks, the workstations that risk becoming overstretched and the increase in capacity necessary to absorb this increase in demand.

Simulation: a decision-making tool

Our Supply Chain and Logistics consultants also put in place decision-making tools that allow you to measure the impact of day-to-day disruptions on your modus operandi. For example, we help you to better manage a maintenance system by evaluating the impact of increased delivery time or supplier failure on fleet availability.

When a complex situation is not able to be encapsulated by an optimization model alone – we simulate. For example the impact weather can have on your optimized transport plans.

We select the most suitable simulation tools. We give preference to an approach that allows our clients to better grasp the mechanisms of our models in order to ensure best usage.