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Newton.Vaureal Consulting - Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Paris
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The team

Our team-structure is as follows:

  • Associates – Experts with long professional experience: Supply Chain executives and Business School professors – all of whom have many years of consulting experience.
  • Managers – Project supervisors: coming from the world of distribution and/or industry – all have profiles that enable them to successfully take on the day-to-day running of a project in tandem with other Newton.Vaureal Consulting consultants and our clients’ in-house teams.
  • Consultants – All have held several years of professional tenure in relevant industries.

Notre Logo :

Supply Chain is a fundamental physical principle of business, as is the gravity equation brought to it by Newton.Vaureal Consulting – gained from its experience of the apple!

Newton.Vaureal Consulting rationalizes Supply Chain events to in order to find the right direction and orientate it towards the highest level of performance.

Thorough consideration of Newton.Vaureal Consulting recommendations has been seen to have a positive influence on the environment.