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Newton.Vaureal Consulting - Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Paris
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Disclose – Formalize – Diffuse

Our Supply Chain and logistics consultants have always responded positively to the disclosure, formalization and publication of our specialist knowledge as is confirmed by:

Our television:

Through our television I love Supply Chain, our published works and our articless, we diffuse up-to-the-minute knowledge to the professional community.

Our films published : (in French)

  • Sales & operation planning (S&OP) – IBP (Integrated Business Planning)/Plan Industriel et Commercial (PIC)
  • Continuity of Activities Plan
  • Logistics Master Plan
  • From the heavy burden of Ecotax to the equally heavy burden of Transit Tolls
  • Le port du Havre un monde de démesure

Our published works:

« Global Operations and Logistics »
co-author Philippe-Pierre Dornier
Published by: John Wiley & Sons
Published: 1998
« Invitation au management »
co-author Philippe-Pierre Dornier
Published by: Presses Universitaires de France
Published: 2001
« La logistique globale »
co-author Philippe-Pierre Dornie
Published by: d´Organisation
Published: 2001
« La logistique globale et le Supply Chain Management »
co-author Philippe-Pierre Dornier 
Published by: d´Organisation.
Published: Mars 2007
« Global supply chains »
co-author Philippe-Pierre Dornier
Published by: Mc Graw Hill education
Published: 2014