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Newton.Vaureal Consulting - Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Paris
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Project support and driving change

To implement projects and ensure permanent management of Supply Chain as it changes from one state to another

The solutions put in place to support Supply Chain evolution, whether physical (warehouses, cross-docking platforms etc.) or technical (IT, WMS, TMS, APS, digitalization) have a profound impact on organizations and skills.

Change must be rapid and is often large scale. They should subtly support all those impacted by change to help them adapt.

The expertise of our consultants (who are also managers) affords us an excellent opportunity to make presentations to Management Committees as well as enables them to train teams on the ground – in warehouses or factories.


Our client: A distributor of industrial replacement parts is moving one of his warehouses.

Our mission: To manage the move from one building to another – a distance of several kilometres, which project of course, included the relocation of equipment and information systems and most importantly – personnel.