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Newton.Vaureal Consulting - Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Paris
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Strategic vision and strategy

To formulate strategic intuition, explain and formalize target business objective and the means of achieving it

Strategy consists of defining a target and the means and the principle stages needed to be implemented in order to achieve it. Our approach brings together intuition and demonstration while taking into account existing and planned projects.

To contribute to a Supply Chain strategy is to know how to interact with other elements of a business: marketing, purchasing, production, sales, R&D, etc.. It is consequently a systematic exercise – for which our Supply Chain consultants have across-the-board competencies.

Newton.Vaureal Consulting’s added value

Newton.Vaureal Consulting contributions to strategic studies are appreciated since:

  • Our Supply Chain and Logistics consultants know to be innovative thanks to their resources pillar “knowledge” and to Datapp – dedicated to digitalization.
  • They are realists because ultimately a strategy must become real.

They are expressive because a strategy needs to be demonstrated.


Our client: An organic food manufacturer sees their traditional distribution channels evolve – currently there are independent distribution points in the city centre (held by independent and committed entrepreneurs) that are slowly being turned into an integrated network.

Our mission: Create a vision for a future distribution model, estimation of the speed at which it will grow and expectation of services emanating from the new distribution structure.

The gain: A plan and a roadmap of objectives and logistics resources shared between all functions of the company.