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Multichannel distribution

Online commerce continues to experience strong growth but it needs to continually adapt in order to reinvent its Supply Chain business model.

Traditional distribution sectors (either BtoC or BtoB) need to adapt in the face of the intensive electronic-commerce activity of the last 15 years or more.

Today, the enhancement of client services means that a client can place his order via any one of a variety of media and it can be fulfilled by any one of numerous physical distributors.

New distribution concepts that destabilize manufacturer/distributors Supply Chains

It is a revolution without precedent. New distribution concepts proliferate and are deployed – drive, multichannel, click and collect, etc., etc. – all to highlight strengths in the struggle to maintain margins (proximity, client service).

In this revolution of consumer options, Supply Chain plays an essential role in differentiating the competition:

  • How do the different commercial models coexist in a physical network and allow synergies to function? Which network responds best to this digital revolution?
  • What technical and organizational evolution of Supply Chain and Logistics functions are predicted?

What will be the next logistics role conferred on retail outlets?

Transformation of distribution models

Our distance and our intimate knowledge of different stages of a logistics operation allow us to support our clients in this important change (which can complicate even the most conventional of projects).

  • Supply Chain digitalization.
  • Logistics Master Plans (optimization of client service, costs, immobilization and Supply Chain green footprint).
  • Reduction in processing and delivery lead times.
  • Reduction in transport costs.
  • Warehouse logistics optimization.
  • Freeing up (“depolluting”) logistic sales points to concentrate on their primary task

Multichannel implementation.