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Newton.Vaureal Consulting - Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Paris
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A logistics chain – complex, regulated and under tough traceability constraints.

Human and animal-health commodities represent a constant challenge for those involved in logistics – from product conception to consummation and even beyond.

Over recent years, the main suppliers of raw materials and active ingredients have merged global production. They have compelled the main laboratories to adapt their organizations and their logistics resources in order to secure their supply and maintain market share and marketing authorizations, which are essential in the majority of countries.

Over the years, the level of knowledge and expertise accrued by our Supply Chain consultants in advising and supporting the main health-industry players, qualifies them to intervene in all aspects of this complex and highly controlled Supply Chain with its tough traceability constraints.

Supply Chain coverage of Newton.Vaureal Consulting: from suppliers of raw materials to distribution channels

In the course of fulfilling projects and studies we advise and support major players of the global health Supply Chain suppliers on the overhaul of their stock-management and/or their distribution.

From an operational point of view, our teams advise and assist all categories of players in the Health industry in operations optimization: Laboratories, distributors, wholesale distributors, logistics providers … from stock optimization to improvements in forecasting and planning, to the conception and implementation of new warehouses. Logistics outsourcing is also part of the savoir-faire of our organization.