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Transport productivity & Warehousing

Warehouse Flash Audit

Our warehousing projects often start with a Warehouse Flash Audit in order to: measure activities performance, compare in relation to best practices, identify malfunctions and to propose and plan “Quick Wins” and major evolutions.

A warehousing proposal structured in 6 phases:

1. Which logistics network? 
From the point of origin to point of destination, which is the best “Route to Market”?
The Route to Market defines the physical journey taken from a supplier’s source to sales outlet. Newton.Vaureal Consulting will define each optimal Route to Market for any given group of products.
After having determined the most relevant Route to Market it is then possible to model the logistics network.

2. Where to locate an infrastructure?
Once the network, functions and infrastructure are defined, Newton.Vaureal Consulting assists in the choice of the theoretical location of infrastructures by searching for the optimum and then, by gradually breaking down this optimum, converging towards the actual location of existing infrastructures.

3. Which operating procedure is at the core of infrastructure?
Newton.Vaureal Consulting has developed a warehouse-procedures knowhow of the different sectors of activity. It enables us to evaluate the best procedures to be implemented for any given activity in any specific company (strategy, investment policy, human resources …).

4. How do you decide on infrastructure size?
Newton.Vaureal Consulting has tools that allow it to determine the characteristics of a building according to operating processes (with stock, without stock, P-manufacturing) plus the overall surface-area requirement (property costs: construction, safety, etc. and equipment costs: racks, handling trucks, automated systems …).

5. What is the operating performance?
Thanks to its vast experience and expertise, Newton.Vaureal Consulting is able to compare activities performance both relative and absolute in relation to benchmarks and best practices.

6. How can you continually improve logistics infrastructure performance?
It is important and essential to continuously measure operational performance. Newton.Vaureal Consulting would recommend comparing the performance of activities against benchmarks and best practices. The comparison should be made through operating performance indicators in terms of both the absolute and relative value of a warehouse.

In order to measure activities performance our Supply Chain and Logistics consultants use different methods:

  • Deployment of 6-Sigma steps permits the measurement of activity performance and identification of reasons for non-performance.
  • Other tools developed and used in these approaches are Lean Manufacturing: Ishikawa Diagram and SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die) – Step 5 S.

Transport optimization

For many years now, our Supply Chain and Logistics consultants have supported their clients in all aspects of transport performance:

  • Overhaul of transport plans.
  • Preparation and/or management of tenders.
  • Organization of transport operations.
  • Audit of transport performance (costs, delays, environment).

Nowadays, transport organizations have matured and have to face new challenges: traceability of operations (proof of delivery), unexpected incidents (litigation), insurance, urbanization (traffic congestion, noise, access etc.), CO2 emissions etc. etc..

Newton.Vaureal Consulting supports its clients on all continents and for all types of needs – as can be seen from our assignments, which combine our transport proposals with our operational research department. It is in this way that we were able to develop a transport plan optimizing the use of roads between several ports in South East Asia and the Arctic Circle. The project involved the transport of building modules from a construction plant beyond the polar circle and combined different types of transport systems: boats, roads (via Suez, Bering Straits) and the loading of planes and included the organization of different stopping points on the way.

Mono-package BtoC (Business to Consumer)

Our Supply Chain and Logistics consultants note the dominant weighting of BtoC in their models as a consequence of the ever-increasing demand for customer service and real-time information.

As Internet commerce develops so too does Single-package BtoC and the emergence of new demands on Newton.Vaureal Consulting clients. In addition to optimizing and securing national shipments they first need to put in place routing strategies from other (often third-party countries) and, for a few, to only consider creating physical stock installations on sites closes to the consumer.