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Omnichannel: a distribution revolution

To multiply points of entry and exit with standardized customer tracking. 

No extra line management – Supply Chain in its unadulterated state.

The customer can order via whichever order-taking medium he choses, choose his preferred means of delivery (home delivery, collection etc.) and then be physically delivered to in the most advantageous manner from the point of view of commercial analysis and Supply Chain.

For example, the implementation of “Click and Collect” (placing an order over the Internet with collection from a physical sales outlet) necessitates implementation of a porosity between traditional distribution channels and e-commerce channels.

Supply Chain projects associated with Omnichannel

The consequences are cumbersome in terms of procedures management and information systems:

  • Implementing e-commerce throughout the system.
  • Transforming warehouses so that they can multi-task: from restocking sales outlets to direct delivery to the customer.

These projects require a thorough understanding of industries and a capacity to drive change fast and effectively.