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Newton.Vaureal Consulting - Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Paris
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Digital Supply Chain

Digitalization at the core of a Supply Chain

Digitalization of the Supply Chain (sometimes referred to as “digital transformation”) refers to the process undertaken by an organization to fully integrate digital technologies into its all Supply Chain activities. It is also a process of cultural, social, economic and organizational change, with a strong impact on consumption, communication and collaboration.

Datapp – a suite of digital applications

We support companies in their digital transformation through our knowhow, the technological skills of our partner Southside Interactive and the developmental solutions of our joint subsidiary Datapp.

We provide our clients with an analysis of their level of digital maturity in terms of Supply Chain, we suggest innovative solutions and we know how to support their procedures’ evolution, organization’s information systems and their skills to turn these innovations into a source of progress (improving customer service, reducing costs, reducing working capital, improving working conditions, simplifying processes).