Secteurs d’intervention

Nos clients sont fidèles. Ils assurent la pérennité de Newton.Vaureal Consulting en leur confiant régulièrement des missions. Grands groupes, Institutions, PME, nous disposons des ressources pouvant accompagner des entreprises de toute taille et en toute circonstance (de la vision long terme à l’accompagnement en situation de crise).

Nous intervenons dans différents secteurs d'activité

Large groups, institutions, SMEs ; we have the resources to support companies of all sizes and in all circumstances (from long-term vision to crisis support).

Supply chain is becoming an integral part of industrial sites. Managing site supplies means working more closely with suppliers, and integrating factory workflows into the supply chain.

Our work focuses on issues relating to the organisation and management of physical flows, or on forward-looking studies linked to local areas. Our work focuses on urban logistics, modal shift and the carbon footprint.

Newton.Vaureal Consulting expertise

Our customers place their trust in us